Renting for Independent Therapists


For Therapists

Mind & Movement was created with the intention to provide a positive, clean, eco-friendly, and intimate therapeutic environment. It is our firm belief that the health and well-being of our therapists is pertinent to the health and well-being of their clients. As a workspace created by a therapist, for therapists, we understand the steps you are taking in your career. We provide information and resources that will help you launch or define your career in a way that works best for you, as well as a referral program to provide opportunities to build clientele.

Our private and sound-proofed therapy rooms are thoughtfully designed to provide a calming atmosphere for both you and your clients. Each room is equipped with electrical treatment bed, comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and essential amenities to ensure a professional and therapeutic experience.

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The basics:

  • No setup or operational costs involved. Simply bring your clients and begin your practice.
  • Access to well-equipped, spacious treatment rooms.
  • Studio hours: 7am – 10pm, 7 days a week
  • Flexible booking timing and access to the studio.
  • Ability to book 30/ 45/ 60/ 75/ 90/ 120 minute sessions
  • Easy booking of appointment with Mindbody Online booking system. Book the appointment with mobile apps or laptop.
  • Low commitment with pay-per-use rental and freedom to run your own schedule and treatment plans.
  • Free access to a full range of Pilates equipment
  • Waiting area, changing rooms, staff room, WIFI, water dispenser, coffee, towels and more.

The perks:

  • Networking and free trades opportunities with like-minded professionals
  • Discount for booking  mutilple sessions per week or per month
  • The Referral Program to connect you with more clientele.
  • Affordable & competitive rental rates in a prime location with space and amenities that are highly sought after.
  • Credit your account for referring other therapist to Mind & Movement.

All practitioners must hold a valid working status in Singapore.

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